I was listening to a Buddhist  talk this morning…..a wonderful talk….

A story being told in this talk was at the time of the Iraq war when American soldiers were there and the Iraqi civilians had suffered so much and were completely traumatised by the hostilities.

The mosques were being targeted by so say rebel armies and the American soldiers had been called to protect the people at the mosques….

A small unit had been deployed to this one particular mosque and was on its way there when local Iraq civilians heard and saw the armed soldiers moving towards their sacred temples…… and thought they were  going to desecrate their holy place……!  In their outrage, poured towards the unit ‘en masse’ with fists raised and in anger…..What happened next was due to one soldiers mindfulness….

The soldier in charge of the unit raised his rifle in the air…..with the barrel pointed down to his feet and the ground…….and ordered his men to kneel and bow their heads with their rifles likewise………..The men under his command thought their commander had lost his mind, but followed orders……..

The angry mob calmed and an absolute bloodshed was averted…..due to the actions of one man…..

The Iraqi people calmed and withdrew their anger, due to the soldier leading the unit’s act of mindful respect in a very ’emotionally charged’ situation….!

I have heard this story before and it has brought me to tears before and did so again today….

Jack Kornfield,  during this talk (…..very wise speakers, (in my opinion). In this particular talk, Ram Dass….(whom I love) Trudy Goodman, (whom I have only just discovered after all my years of listening to Buddhist talks…and what a wonderfully wise and compassionate teacher she is….(my feelings….) and speaks from her heart)……The talk is called Cultivating Grace and Transforming Suffering, on you YouTube …..

It makes me think of how our reactions can cause so much…..either chaos or the opposite, in this case….and to learn to be still when feeling reactive to something is to bring grace and love to a situation rather than the opposite which is so often our ‘so say’ natural reaction…..due really to the ‘negativity bias’ that we have,  inherently, within ourselves….(for survival of the species)….so, to practice a non aggressive reactivity is key but for a soldier to operate from that stance……absolutely amazing and shows such courage by one man…and averted absolute bloodshed on this one occasion….

Suz I woo…

On a more personal level, I had a really bad reaction to my sister in law back in the summer and since then, she will not speak to me, which has caused so much pain and anger and all sorts really…..and also to my brother and I believe to my sister in law, although its hard to tell as she will not speak……….but the bottom line is, I hurt her, needlessly…..through my own insecurities…..

There were mitigating circumstances at the time (a little defence of myself there, as is needed as im so ready to beat myself up)….I did fully take responsibility  for what I said and apologised  but my sister in law cannot to this point (3 months later) forgive me….(her stuff)…

I came across  a porcelain figurine the other day, (which she loves) and it just said Suzie, and so I bought the pretty little doll and will wrap her and send it to my sister in law and hope that will speak to her as I have been unable and for her to know that I love her and that im sorry…… and then to let go of all the feelings surrounding this and know I have now done my best to say the unsayable and to try to resolve the unresolvable…..I hope…… !!!