Daily Prompt: Millions


Today is another day that so far I have wasted so many minutes and seconds worrying about things that may or may not happen. They probably will because it seems my life is this way…..

Arguing with my so say best friend seems to be the favourite waste of precious energy and breeds ……nothing.

Stressing over things that may or may not happen are up there in that ‘nothing’  list of wasted time and energy……

I awoke in the small hours and was awake for hours worrying and trying to work out this or that and for what….nothing….

I have to let go of this meaningless and needless need to plan, control and work out strategies…..as it serves ‘nothing’.

….and it wastes millions of precious seconds of time that could of been used in enhancing the world I participate in and one thing in particular…..

…… Love !




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