a meaningful dream…..

Last night I had a dream…..about my good friend whom iv written about before……and about myself..

I was at some kind of boot sale and was in a powered wheelchair but a green one……mooching around, with a couple, who they were I don’t know….

I was minding my own business looking at something on a stall when a man from behind the stall started speaking to me…..saying how beautiful and radiant I looked, my lips looked really lovely and blush and natural looking and my hair was beautiful too….. Then he asked if he could kiss my cheek as he really wanted too………it seemed ok to let him, so  he leaned over and kissed my cheek and thanked me….. My reaction was to feel it was all perfectly ok and natural………I looked around and the people close by to him didn’t seem to think anything unusual was happening.

There had been several other glances my way by people, admiring glances….. but I didn’t think anything of it…….All was ok with me, just being out at a boot sale, so happy to be out (cos I don’t get out often) and I think that happiness radiated out….and it was a very dark and bleak place and the people seemed that way too….stressed, harried, dark and in their own heads…..but I was bright, happy and light……..

Later I was coming back through the crowd and  my power chair got stuck and I had to walk a little way…..and I saw my good friend, curled up on these comfy armchairs that were lining the wall…..lots and lots of people milling around, so I went over to him and asked if he would help me to get my chair unstuck, but he just looked up at me with a blank expression and irritation……..then he just curled himself up even more and looked back at his book without  saying anything……….I asked him again and he looked up again, but he wouldn’t stop reading and just completely  ignored me and looked back at his book…………

…..then I woke up……it was a bitter sweet dream, I feel…..

I will reflect on this, it has real meaning I think…..


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